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MIST ~ Antimicrobial Dry Mist Treatment ~ Valencia to Barcelona and the Balearic Islands

Title: MIST ~ Antimicrobial Dry Mist Treatment ~ Valencia to Barcelona and the Balearic Islands
Category: Land > Products & Services > Air Conditioning - HVAC
Marinevac Service MIST - Marinevac Interior Sterilisation Treatment - Valencia to Barcelona and the Balearic Island - Marinevacuum SL - offering a wide variety of specialist services to cater for the installation and upkeep of marine sanitary systems and cooling systems and marine toilet cleaning and maintenance and Marinevac Micro-Drain Inspection Service Worldwide - For more information contact David Ballyn - Puerto Andratx Mallorca 07157 Spain - Stockists and Agents for Rydlyme Marine a safe bio degradeable de-scaler - Official Technical Support in the Mediterranean & Balearic Islands agents for Evac Marine products and spares - Distributors for Herborner marine pumps - Distributors and Stockists for Ragsnag Rings that prevents “foreign objects” clogging piping

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Marine Interior Sterilisation Treatment



David Ballyn - Marinevacuum SL

Marine Sanitary Systems



Offering  Services for

Antimicrobial Dry Mist Treatment

Valencia to Barcelona and the Balearic Islands





Marinevac Interior Sterilisation Treatment


Marinevac’s Interior Sterilisation Treatment is the new standard for indoor decontamination and infection control. It represents a quantum leap forward in the capacity of the defence against the growing array of ever present pathogenic infection rates.

Now your staff, clientèle and guests are able to benefit from the security and comfort of a truly fresh, sterile environment.


Marinevac’s MIST system

MIST meets BSEN1276 contact time and is singularly capable of destroying hotbeds of pathogens otherwise unreachable by conventional cleaning methods (including foggers).

In concert with the residual activity of ‘Formula 429’ – approved disinfectant solutions, micro mist has the unique capacity to disinfect throughout the entire period between applications, providing far more than a brief veneer of decontamination. The truth is most of your indoor surfaces have NEVER been decontaminated – not even in hospital rooms. That is why we are helping transform these areas into the absolute safest places possible.

With Marinevac’s MIST system, the comfort of a safe, clean and sterile environment is truly attainable.


Formula 429

• Kills MRSA, E.Coli, C Difficile, Norovirus and H1N1 etc. Details available on specified virus, bacteria, yeasts, moulds and mildews.
• Outperforms the current industry best antimicrobial.
• Outperforms the current NHS gold standard –sodium hypochlorite.



Environmentally sound, dry sterilisation & decontamination service safely destroys:

Deadly bacteria and viruses including: H1N1-A Influenza, MRSA, Norovirus, Rotavirus, Tuberculosis, E-Coli, Influenza, Streptococcus, Hepatitis B, Pseudomonas, Legionella, Pneumophilia, Salmonella, Human Coronavirus.
• Toxic mold and mildew
Treatment leaves NO visible residue.
Pre and post treatment results available



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