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Environmentally Friendly Liquid Disinfectant - For Drinking Water Ashore or Afloat ~ Water Wizard is the Solution

Title: Environmentally Friendly Liquid Disinfectant - For Drinking Water Ashore or Afloat ~ Water Wizard is the Solution
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Fresh Water Treatment systems for Freshwater and drinking water on yachts superyachts and commercial ships - Affordable Water treatment for Yachts worldwide - Water is important on ships. It should be clean and not too expensive. Tubes must be clean and free from dirt - Water Wizard will help - With a simple system on your ship we will keep your water clean - Water treatment solutions for the marine and yacht industry - Remove biofilm - Biofilm is the breeding ground for impurities, viruses and bacteria's. Biofilm can be removed eficiently with WATER WIZARD - Atlantic Yacht Services is the proprietor of the brand WATER WIZARD - Please contact us in Denia Valenciana Spain for the latest information!

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Product Information


WATER WIZARD is an environmentally responsible liquid disinfectant, ideal for drinking water.

  • Highly effective against Micro- organisms

(including legionella)

  • Highly effective against biofilm.


WATER WIZARDS unique formula is based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide which has been en-capsuled and activated on molecular level.


All components of WATER WIZARD are safe for humans and environment.

  • WATER WIZARD is free from heavy metals like silver.
  • WATER WIZARD is manufactured in the Netherlands.
  • WATER WIZARD is a powerful ecological biocide that removes organic pollution whilst purifying the water.
  • WATER WIZARD will remove biofilm which is the breeding ground of Legionella and other bacteria's like E.coli and staphylococcus.
  • WATER WIZARD will break down into water and oxygen after active life.
  • WATER WIZARD can be functional up to 150 hours.
  • WATER WIZARD ​is highly effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, ect.
  • WATER WIZARD will lower or completely eliminate the chlorine in shore supplied water.



Procedure for new systems, systems out of use or dirty systems (shock treatment)

  1. Ensure water cannot be consumed by guests or personnel.
  2. Empty water storage points.
  3. Turn on dosing system and adjust pump to correct dosing level as indicated for system cleaning.
  4. Open furthest tap or drain point until WATER WIZARD can be measured with peroxide test strips. (meant to indicate presence of peroxide)
  5. Open all other tap points one by one, starting with the taps farthest away, testing them one by one with test strips.
  6. Adhere to the recommended waiting time with product in lines.
  7. Once dosing time has passed: Adjust dosing system to recommended dosing level for continuous dosing.
  8. Flush entire system thorough until operator is sure normal dosing level has been reached in complete system.
  9. For extremely dirty systems the procedure may have to be repeated.


Continuous dosing to improve water quality and maintaining a clean water-system

  • Normal dosing after shock treatment: 20 ml. of WATER WIZARD per M3 water.
  • To maintain water quality and keep system free from biofilm, bacteria's and viruses.




Properties of WATER WIZARD


  • Stabilized hydrogen peroxide trough micro-encapsulation.
  • Biocidal enhanced at molucular level trough special formulation.
  • Highly effective in removing organic pollution such as biofilm.
  • Made entirely from food safe ingredients.
  • Fully breaks down into harmless products like water and oxygen.
  • Unaffected by pH or temperature.
  • Does not contain metals like silver-nitrate.
  • Can be active up to 170 hours.
  • Ensures a highly effective elimination of micro-organisms.
  • Up to 20 times more effective than normal hydrogen peroxide.
  • Applicable in wide range of applications.
  • No resistance build-up by micro-organisms.
  • Effective low maintenance dosage for continual   applications.
  • Can also be used for pools and jacuzzi´s.
  • Can be used in combination of UV sterilizer.




WATER WIZARD can be used for:


  • Drinking Water for Yachting & Commercial Shipping
  • disinfectant of water systems.
  • disinfectant of pools and jacuzzi's.
  • surface disinfectant.
  • disinfectant for food and vegetables.
  • cooling tower water disinfection.
  • water disinfection for emergency use.
  • Bleaching (of teak-wood) and stain removal.
  • Industrial applications.
  • Agricultural applications.



Green Ships

Nowadays lots of money is invested in green shipping: hybrid ships, tier 3 engines or special hull designs are being build. The importance towards clients is high, have a look at this link:

With a small investment you can replace the chlorine in water-systems with harmless water wizard  stabilized hydrogen peroxide. You will protect the environment and your crew. With a small investment you could give a strong signal to your clients and guests on your ship.



Dosing rates water wizard



Clean system

Dirty system

Waiting time in Hrs Dosage ml/m3  Dosage ml/m3
24 hrs. 200 ml/m3   400 ml/m3
12 hrs 400 ml/m3    800 ml/m3
  6 hrs. 500 ml/m3 1000 ml/m3



Constant dosing: 1 kg per 20.000 liter water.   




WATER WIZARD in drum of 25 kg. product.

​PRICE: 12.50€ per kg.

Peroxide test strips
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE test strips, plastic container of 100 strips.

​PRICE: 27.00€

Dosing pump unit with pulse dosing water-meter.
Complete dosing pump unit with dosing-cycle based on water-meter pulse. Whole unit is mounted on stainless base plate. Voltage: 220 V - 50Hz.
Unit will be delivered with: suction hose, suction strainer, injection valve, bleeding valve and breather hose.

PRICE: 1347,00€

Dosing pump for automatic dosing.
Dosing pump to be used in combination with below offered hydrogen peroxide monitor. Price includes: pump (can be operated with Bluetooth),
data cable of 5 mtr, alarm relays cable, suction lance with automatic stop, dosing hose, dosing valve, connection set and mounting plate.

PRICE: 1930.00€


Peroxide monitor system.
Hydrogen peroxide monitor. To be used in combination with automatic dosing pump. Complete unit with sensor and flow-cell, mounted on a base plate.

PRICE: 2325,00€

Polished stainless stand for 25 ltr. container.
Coming soo


​All prices are without local tax and ex. warehouse.



Contact Atlantic Yacht Services Port Denia Alicante Spain  the proprietor of the brand WATER WIZARD

Supplying Water Treatment Systems and Water Chemicals





  • Test of water-board:
  • Chlorine facts:
  • Hydrogen peroxide fact:
  • Fighting legionella
  • Water treatment
  • H2O​2​

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Atlantic Yacht Services, a company based in the Costa Blanca. We have a long history in shipping and yachting. Apart from our normal services we will arrange berthing for superyachts in Valencia, Denia or Alicante. Berths in Alicante up to 150 mtr. We also have available in the Port of Alicante shore spaces in the port to lift out a ship, a life boat or to put a mast.  Yard spaces up to 5000 m2 are available for long term rent. Cranes can be arranged for lifting.




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Atlantic Yacht Services Centre of Operations for Water Wizard


Address: Calle Marques de Campo 18-3
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