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Dogs For U ~ Animal Charity Mallorca Finding Homes for German Shepherds and Larger Dogs

Title: Dogs For U ~ Animal Charity Mallorca Finding Homes for German Shepherds and Larger Dogs
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Dogs For U (DFU) is a not for profit animal welfare organisation dedicated to saving and improving the lives of homeless dogs in Mallorca. We focus mainly on dogs who have little chance of being adopted from municipal or private pounds: larger breeds and mixed breeds, especially German Shepherds, and also sick or older animals who would otherwise have no hope. Our aim is to find every dog in our care a forever home, where they will be treated with the respect, love and dignity they deserve.

Additional Information:

DOGS FOR U : a life for them

About Us


Cornelia Kudszus with Sheila and Nanook (left)

Hello and welcome to our world of dogs, dogs and more dogs! Oh, and the occasional cat or kitten!

We are a small but dedicated team of passionate animal lovers living here in Mallorca, a beautiful sunny island paradise in the Mediterranean sea off mainland Spain. We volunteer our time, blood, sweat and tears purely because of our love of the island´s more unfortunate residents: the dogs –  especially the larger breeds such as German Shepherds as they have a harder time finding homes.

We promote the neutering of pets for population control in order to curb the euthanasia of thousands of healthy dogs due to full capacity in the island´s dog pounds.   It is a hard task as spay/neuter is not readily accepted or practiced here but one we are determined to pursue as there is so much at stake – the lives of beautiful, loving, faithful animals who are crying out for help.

If you have ever looked into the eyes of a frightened dog and felt the pain and anguish at not being able to offer them safe refuge and a loving place to heal, then you will know why we try so hard to do what we do. Every single dog that we are able to help just spurs us on to help the next one and the next and the next….

We collect as many dogs as we are able from the pounds with a destruction policy and either rehome them here on the island with good people, or overseas, primarily in Germany where we have alliances with reputable dog rescuers and rehomers.

We get to know each and every dog we take in and learn how to rehabilitate them and to understand their particular needs and behaviour.  Some come to us starving or have been ill treated, and some are simply unwanted for no more reason than their owners have grown tired of them. These are living breathing creatures that feel pain, hunger, fear and loneliness, much as we do, and they deserve better.  At Dogs For U we try really hard to make up for the bad start they have had in life.

We rely entirely on donations and the kindness of people to provide us with the means to feed and look after these wonderful animals. At times we really struggle, especially with vet fees, as all of them require treatment of some sort.   Sometimes if just takes the donation of simple things, such as a nice clean blanket or a bag of dog food, to make all the difference to their lives. To see a skinny frightened dog snuggle up for maybe the first time in its life in a safe warm place and to go to sleep with a tummy full of food is priceless.

Visit us us facebook ( to get a feel for our work and to read our updates and anecdotes about the dogs in our care, and the volunteers who support us.   If you´re looking to adopt, foster or volunteer, you´ll find all the information here on this site.


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City/Town: Inca Mallorca
State or County: Baleares
ZIP code: 07300
Country: Spain
Mobile: + 34 678717058
Photo Gallery: gall_164-caf0894b59.jpg
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