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phpCoin - OS Client Management Software - Paid Support Karl Fleming - Alaro, Mallorca, 07340 Spain
Advanced Hydraulic Systems SL - Bob Marsh - Poligono Can Valero Palma de Mallorca 07011 Spain - Navtec Appointed Sales and Service Center - Installation and Maintenance JP3 Rudder Bearings - BCS / Max Power products -
Advanced Hydraulic Systems SL - Bob Marsh - Poligono Can Valero Palma de Mallorca 07011 Spain - Navtec Appointed Sales and Service Center - Installation and Maintenance JP3 Rudder Bearings - BCS / Max Power products.
Rapid Transit Service SL Palma de Mallorca 07015 Spain - Official Agents for the UK Hydrographics Office for the Balearics - The World Time Zone Chart - Admiralty Routeing Charts - Planning Charts - Astronomical Charts - Gnomonic Charts - Magnetic Variation Charts
LadyTelecom - Lite Touch Exclusive dealer for the Baleares - Certified Installer - Mike Dalton - Portals Nous Calvia 07181 Mallorca - Domotics and Home Automation Specialists
Rapid Transit Service SL - Official Exclusive Agent for Peters and May in Palma de Mallorca 07015 Spain - One of the network of strategically positioned offices worldwide ensures Peters and May truly can deliver a global transportation service
Bosun's Locker Stockists of 3M Marine Products - Can Valero Palma de Mallorca 07011 Spain Abrasive Accessories - Abrasives - Adhesives, Sealants and Fasteners - Cleaning Products - Compounds, Glazes and Buffing Pads - Electrical Products - Fiberglass Fillers - Lubricants - Masking Films, Sheeting, Papers, and Tapes - Matting Products - Paint and Varnish Remover and Accessories Products - PPS™ Paint Preparation System - Reflective Products - Safety Products - Tape and Scotch® Tapes - Wax and Maintenance Products - Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation
Safezone Marine is the French Riviera Base for Safezone International the principal supplier of onsite flame-proofing treatments to the luxury yacht market. - Safezone is an international company operating through a global network of operatives to deliver Safezone® flame-proofing applications to clients worldwide. - Our expertise in fire prevention combined with our expert knowledge of marine fire safety legislation, makes us the first port of call for LY2 Code compliant flame-proofing. - MCA regulations require certificates that soft furnishings, carpets and upholstery fabrics have been treated with fire retardant products. Safezone Marine can provide the treatment and issue the compliant MCA certification. - Contact us for more information!
Nautic Air - Stevensville, MD 21666 USA - Scalable Solutions for Clean, Safe, Healthy Air and Marine Air Duct Sterilization - Air Purification Systems for Superyachts - Boats are usually sealed up tight and often sit for days or weeks at a time without any air movement. Humidity can build and become the perfect environment for molds, mildews, and dust mites. When the a/c system is running, it simply moves air around the boat so guests are exposed to anything circulating in the air. Those stale, musty smells or harsh chemical odors that lurk in your cabins are more than just unpleasant – they are also quite harmful. - Boat, yacht, and charter boat owners recognize that their families and guests are concerned about the safety of the air they breathe. Especially with boats traveling in and out of ports throughout the world, clean air can help protect both guests and crew from exposure to viral and bacterial infections through shared air. For allergies, odors, or harmful organisms – nautic air is the solution for 99.7% pure, safe air! - Contact us for more information!!!
Winchrite ~ A Real Cordless Winch Handle from Sailology - Take advantage of both directions of the winch with WinchRite. With a drill and winch bit it fails because the chuck unscrews in the reverse direction - High torsion electric winch handle (130NM) - reduce the effort involved to go sailing - Cordless with Li-ion, battery, lightweight, designed to operate sailing boat winches. It can also be used to lift an outboard motor using davits or a halyard. - WinchRite has variable speed and dual direaction allowing the user freedom using the winches in both directions. In the reverse direction it takes advantage of the gearing of the winch. - Its waterproof to the standard IPX6 against water and spray - Spanish Approved Vendor Boatwide SL - Contact Boatwide SL based in Castelldefels Barcelona 08860 Spain for details on the Winchrite ~ A Real Cordless Winch Handle - Also Appointed the Spanish Accredited Distributor for Odeo Flare ~ The Number one in Non-Pyro Flares and Appointed Sole Distributors of Marine 16 products in Spain and Manufacturers high quality custom made tanks for water, waste and diesel fuel made in 10mm high density polyethylene. All CE certified (ISO8099 for waste tanks, ISO10088 for diesel tanks).
ECOsuperyacht is the sole European distributor of GO2 to the yachting industry. GO2 is an innovative diesel fuel combustion catalyst proven to reduce fuel consumption by 8-14%, as well as reducing harmful emissions, including diesel particulate emissions (or soot) by up to 40% and unburned hydrocarbons by up to 70%. Contact ECOsuperyacht here in Palma de Mallorca 07001 Spain for more information
Precision Marine Engineering SL Marine engineers and suppliers. - Sole Northern Lights agents in Mallorca - An associate of the Refit Alliance Mediterranean. - Andrew Wilcox - Poligono Can Valero Palma de Mallorca 07011 Spain