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Solutions For Any Glass Surface on Yachts Worldwide

Title: Solutions For Any Glass Surface on Yachts Worldwide
Category: Sea > Products & Services > Marine Glazing
Glass Marine have a vocation of ongoing innovation and dedication to service for customers. - With our knowledge and industry experience we have been able to developed our own technology, unique in the world, offering unparalleled results quickly and efficiently. - We repair damage to all types of outer surfaces on marine vessels. - Our clients are pleased with a flawless surface making maintenance easier and more efficient.. - We use nanotechnology products and film protection for glass as required!!! - Agents & Distributors for Polysil Coatings Products in Spain - Agents & Distributors for Nanoprom Products in Spain - Contact us for more information here in Spain for more information!

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Glass Marine Services Anywhere In The World





Glass Marine  offer a comprehensive solution to the needs of our customers, from the inspection and repair of damage to the glass surfaces of a boat, to solutions such as the protection and preventive maintenance in order to allow our customers to enjoy their boats in perfect condition.

Therefore we have next-generation nanotechnology solutions in the field of applications for glass and a team of professionals with extensive experience in this sector.






Glass Marine, solutions for  any glass surface:


  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Mirrors

  • Screens

  • Lenses

  • Atriums

  • Aquariums


Our services are provided by highly specialized and qualified technicians.

Adapting to the needs of our clients, we offer our services anywhere in the world.



Repair Services




The glazed surfaces of vessels are exposed to multiple external injuries and accidents such as:

  • Scratches

  • Cracks

  • Impacts

  • Fractures

  • Water spots

  • Chemicals

  • Welding splatter

  • Grinder splatter

In Glass Marine we offer a wide range of services to repair the damage incurred on glazed surfaces of all types of boats.

Our repairs provide our customers with a quicker and cost effective option over the traditional solution to replace the surface.


  Traditional Solution Glass Marine
Response Time Long Short
Investment Costly Minimal


The repair process of Glass Marine does not weaken the resistance of the glass, keeping their own characteristics.


Range of Services


Glass Marine services include solutions adapted to any type of glass and damage:

  • Scratched glass / Glass Scratch Repairs
    Remove any scratch without a trace.

  • Impacts and fissures
    Repair, strengthening and rebuilding the structure.

  • Chemical and mineral damage
    We eliminate the damage caused by chemical agents, settlement or embedded lime, salt, acid rain, cleaning products, etc.

  • Grinder splatter
    Remove metal fouling and burns caused by splashing from the use of radial equipment near the glass.

  • Weld splatter
    Repair and restore damage caused by welding.


Plastic Repairs


Glass Marine Plastic repair


On boats where doors, windows and others, are polycarbonate (plastic), we also repair with the same level of quality as the glass surfaces.


Protection Services




Glass Marine protects all types of glass surfaces in all types of boats.

With our GPS (Glass Protection System), all protected areas incorporate new properties to repel external aggression.

Our solutions include:

  • Security protection
    Increases security and strength of the glass, preventing scratches, impacts and explosions including fragmentation, bullet holes or intrusions.

  • Protection and solar control
    Reduce heat, rejects UV rays, prevents glare, eye fatigue and protects privacy.

  • Protection from rain and temperature changes
    Rain and temperature changes cause the accumulation of condensation and water droplets decreases visibility.

  • Protection against chemical and mineral damage
    Avoid damage and fouling settlement of cleaning products, lime, salt and other minerals.



Hull Protection


Glass Marine Hull Protection


Protect from ultra violet rays, salt and other elements, the upper hull of the boat, using our tecnology of Cold Vitrification.

Our protection can recover the original color of the hull.



Maintenance Services




In Glass Marine we provide regular maintenance services, which allow ships to benefit from:

  • Maintenance and cleaning

  • Surface treatment for a more efficient and economic maintenance.

  • Periodic revision

  • Advice for better maintenance



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Glass Marine & Glass Plus Centre of Operations



Address: P.I. Pla de Llerona - C/. Francia, 20
City/Town: Les Franqueses del Vall├Ęs Barcelona
State or County: Catalunya
ZIP code: 08520
Country: Spain
Telephone: +34 902141224
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