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Carbon-Fibre Components Design Construction Modifications and Repairs in Yachting

Title: Carbon-Fibre Components Design Construction Modifications and Repairs in Yachting
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BMComposites - Branagh Marine Composites SL - BM Composites for specialist Carbon Fibre Components - Carbon-Fibre Components Design Modifications and Repairs - Manufacturers in Carbon Fiber of:- Masts - Spars - Booms - Passerelles - Gangways - Flag Poles Rudders - Steering Wheels - Hatches - Chafing Protection

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Carbon Fibre Yachting Products 



BMComposites - Branagh Marine Composites SL


Carbon-Fibre Components Design Construction Modifications and Repairs


Specialist Carbon Fibre Components for Yachting






Reason For Carbon Fibre Use in Yachting & The Marine Industry



In brief: Carbon fibre based composites have been around in our industry for 40 years, and we have seen more and more use of it in the last decade and that is set to increase further. But why exactly have composites been taking over as the prime material in manufacture of boat parts and phasing out traditional materials such as steel and aluminium?

Each tiny carbon filament can be only 100th of a mm in diameter but when they are spun together, woven into fabrics and impregnated with an expoxy resin matrix, the finished product develops impressive properties.

The high stiffness characteristics of the carbon fibre, plus the ability tailor the fibre directions allows the final product stiffness to range from 8-20 million psi for Standard Modulus Carbon and 14-40 million psi for Ultra High Modulus Carbon that we see in mast construction. To compare to traditional metals, aluminium has a stiffness of approx 10 million psi, and steel 29 million psi.

Similar to the stiffness characteristics, the strength of the carbon epoxy laminate can be tailored to suit the application, with the final product strength comparable to high grade aluminium and steel. The benefit of the carbon epoxy laminate comes from the lower density, which together with the ability to put material only where you need it, the weight benefits can be significant.

To compare carbon laminate with traditional materials we can say:

  • Carbon Laminate Strength is comparable to high grade aluminium and steel

  • Carbon Laminate Stiffness is comparable to, or greater than aluminium when using Standard Modulus Carbon Fibres

  • Carbon Laminate Stiffness is comparable to, or greater than steel when using Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fibres

  • For the same volume carbon is 5 times lighter than steel and 1.5 times lighter than aluminium

In addition to these structural properties carbon composites are also far superior in terms of fatigue, have no corrosion issues, are completely versatile in terms of building any form and their electrical conductive properties can be used to assist in the cure cycles.

So in terms of's a clear rationale:

Weight is the obvious advantage, on a motor yacht this can save up to 35% in fuel consumption. Large moving components such as hatches built in carbon can reduce hydraulic pressures and super structures with reduced weight can make huge improvements in stability.

On a racing yacht the weight saving in a hull and deck results in improved speed. A carbon mast will improve stability, reduce windage and weight as well as giving the ability to design exact bend characteristics to extreme accuracy.

Contact us for more information about composites refits and new builds.



BMComposites - Branagh Marine Composite Services Offer


  • Repairs to carbon-rigs

  • Hull and structural repairs

  • Keel and rudder repairs and reprofiling

  • Repairs to sail battens

  • Cosmetic carbon work covered and refinished

  • Forestay repairs

  • Spreader modifications

  • Full race refits

  • Interior refits



BMC for Structural and Cosmetic Solutions in Carbon Fibre





BMComposites - BM Composites Palma de Mallorca


Specialises in the manufacture of carbon components for the marine industry.
With a highly experienced team of composite boat-builders, we have a broad knowledge of different production processes and the ability to undertake a wide variety of specialist carbon work.
We can build structural and cosmetic forms as well as make high quality repairs and modifications to any carbon or composite structure. We pride ourselves on the highest quality finish of our work and the efficiency of our methods of production and management.
With our problem solving expertise, we can turn your ideas into a practical reality.
structural solutions - cosmetic solutions - structural cosmetics.


  • Construction of custom components to the customer’s exact requirements

  • Including Composite Repairs & Modifications

  • High quality of workmanship and attention to detail

  • Competitive prices

  • On-time delivery

  • 'On-call' - fast, reliable, efficient repair-service during regattas etc.




BMComposites Mission Vision & Values




Mission Statement


By combining our extensive experience with innovative technologies we create quality cosmetic and structural solutions for the super yacht industry.”


Vision Statement


An Industry leader in specialist composite structures for super yachts, race boats and beyond. ”





  • Diligent & Committed

  • Knowledgable & Experienced

  • Flexible & Friendly

  • Innovative & Professional

  • Honest & Transparent




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BMComposites Head Offices


Address: Edifico Espigon Exterior / Global Muelle Viejo
City/Town: Palma de Mallorca
State or County: Baleares
ZIP code: 07012
Country: Spain
Telephone: +34 971254181
Mobile: +34 696913623
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