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Yacht and Superyacht Rigging Mallorca and Mainland Spain

Title: Yacht and Superyacht Rigging Mallorca and Mainland Spain
Category: Sea > Products & Services > Rigging & Sails & Spars
A+ Rigging Mallorca - A leader in the field of yacht and superyacht rigging in Spain. Service Agent for the Jongert shipyard and Swan

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Yacht Riggers


A+ Rigging Mallorca SL ~ Palma de Mallorca






A+ Rigging Mallorca Services


A+ Rigging is able to refit any type of mast on any type of boat. We are experienced in traditional classic sloops, schooners and ketches but also in the modern racing boats.

A+ Rigging had good contact with all the big mast manufactures such as Hall Spars, Southern Spars, Offshore Spars Nordic mast, etc.

A+ Rigging is able to service all rod rigging (see rod tab) wire rigging and modern PBO or Carbon rigging.

A+ Rigging’s services include (amongst others) :   

  • Pulling masts

  • Stripping for painting

  • Painting mast and boat in cooperation with local painters

  • Service rod rigging with heading in-house

    • A+ Rigging Mallorca works closely with the world’s largest rod and rigging manufacturer: Global BSI. A+ Rigging has a large number of rods in stock and is able to head rods up to -320 (38.1mm). A+ Rigging has a mobile press to head rods up to -115 (22.1mm) this meanly to head forestay without dismantling the whole stay thereby saving time and money.

    • All masts with rod rigging should be pulled each 4 years to check “all” the cold-heads and fittings for wear and tear failures. This is a well known standard in the industry and recommended by all the rod rigging and fitting manufacturers.

    • A+ Rigging services all standing rigging brands and sizes and works in conjunction with manufacturers such as OYS, Navtec and our main supplier - Global BSI.Global BSI components are consistently lighter than those of their competitors and with the unique and versatile manufacturing capability of BSI A/S they offer the industry unprecedented flexibility, rapid response times and unmatched customer service

  • Removal, overhaul, service and testing of all hydraulic cylinders

  • Removal, overhaul, service and testing of all furling motors

  • Splicing all running rigging out of own stock

  • Splicing all mooring lines out of own stock

  • Check and replace all wire standing rigging and life lines

  • Crane wires with factory certifications

  • Rigging surveys and reports for insurance proposal

  • Custom deck layouts

  • Rope Splicing

  • Wire Splcing






A+ Rigging Mallorca Products







A+ Rigging Mallorca Projects


  • Wellenreiter - Jongert 152" - Mast pull, 4 years rigging survey

  • This is Us - Hoek 138" Schooner - Mast pull, 4 years rigging survey

  • Annabelle - Jongert 27M - Mast pull, 4 years rigging survey

  • Ludynosa G - Dubois 123" - Mast pull, 4 years rigging survey

  • Passe Partout - Jongert 42M Ketch - Mast pull, 8 years rigging survey

  • All Smoke - SW78" - Mast pull, Refitted with Future Fibres RDS carbon rigging

  • Hoppetosse - Swan 100" - Mast pull, 4 years rigging survey

  • Kenora - Wally 107" - Mast pull, 4 years rigging survey

  • Ganesha - Dubois 128" - Mast pull, 4 years rigging survey

  • Inmocean - Dubois 135" - Mast pull, 4 years rigging survey

  • Ithaka - Jongert 27M - Mast pull, 4 years rigging survey




A+ Rigging Mallorca highest quality in super yacht rigging in Palma de Mallorca since 1996





A+ Rigging Mallorca is situated in Palma de Mallorca and is well known for being the largest super yacht service in the centre of the mediterranean.  A+ Rigging Mallorca is a leading force in the field of yacht and super-yacht rigging in Spain.

Mallorca is centrally located and thus the ideal place from which to travel in order to reach virtually any destination in the world should a super yacht rigger’s services be required.  One phone call and A+ Rigging can be anywhere in the world within 24-48 hours to carry out any necessary repairs. A+ Rigging always works closely with the local authorities and is also able to pull masts on location if necessary, for example in places like: Malta, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Holland, The Caribbean, and Asia, basically anywhere in the world!





Palma de Mallorca

A+ Rigging Mallorca Offices & Workshop


Address: C/ Can Calafat 63, Ed. Naves Blancas 6 Poligono Son Oms
City/Town: Palma de Mallorca
State or County: Baleares
ZIP code: 07199
Country: Spain
Telephone: +34 971745572
Fax: +34 971745572
Photo Gallery: gall_71-55da887016.jpg gall_71-a86206d648.jpg gall_71-6c77c6c5cf.jpg gall_71-509481d43c.jpg gall_71-7d4d99f9bd.jpg gall_71-7c1b2a928e.jpg gall_71-06488d4654.jpg
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