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Tony Mills Soul Whisperer ~ Energetic Wisdom

Title: Tony Mills Soul Whisperer ~ Energetic Wisdom
Category: Land > Products & Services > Complementary Therapies & Alternative Therapies
Tony works purely on the energetic levels, getting to the energetic root cause of physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Some clients, who have undergone many other forms of energy healing, have even said that Energetic Wisdom is a fast track route to healing. With one aspect of Tony's work he is able, through the use of dowsing, to find the hidden emotional reasons that hold us back from living a joyful existence and then, with the use of the Living Lens healing disk the blockage is cleared. He also uses techniques commonly known as Kinesiology and as a channel of higher energy sources will call upon his Spirit Guides to assist with balancing a clients energy systems. Tony also clears Geopathic stress in homes and people.

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Tony Mills - Soul Whisperer






Enenergetic Wisdom


Experiencing Energetic Wisdom for yourself is a unique experience which you will find both fascinating and positively life changing.


Tony is a former Osteopath and has studied various healing techniques and now works in his own very unique way to bring energetic balance to his clients.  He can work on many energy systems, which have been disrupted by a blocked emotion. These emotions can manifest and cause restriction and pain in the spine, the meridians, chakras, subtle bodies, or layers of the aura and miasmas (energetic diseases, that are handed down from generation, to generation.

Tony can help you resolve many mental and physical problems such as back pain, frozen shoulder, allergies, phobias, food intolerance and many other conditions.  He can also very quickly remove parasites and candida from the system without the need of expensive herbs.




Harmonising people and properties.


Tony also harmonises people and properties of electromagnetic and geopathic stress as well as negative, parasitic energies that have attached themselves to the person or property.  Learn more why home harmonising is so important.  And visit the Shop page for devices to help to protect from electromagnetic and geopathic stress.




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+44 7445693111  (Tony Mills)



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+44 7745803307 (Annie Corder)



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Tony Mills UK Location

Mobile: +44 7445693111
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